Monday, March 28, 2011

Light and Darkness

In architecture, "structural integrity" refers to the strength of the building. Similarly, a man with integrity is strong, while a man without integrity (like a building lacking structural integrity) is weak. Lack of integrity also refers to sinfulness, a lack of moral backbone. This is weakness in a man.

As it goes for men or nations, so it goes for spiritual beings. God, the creator of the universe (I call Him the "Heavenly computer programmer") is without sin and pure Love. Satan is full of sin, therefore, he is weak! God is sinless, therefore, He is almighty! So why do we fear evil? Because some churches have mistakenly given the devil credit for power that HE CLEARLY DOES NOT HAVE!

The Bible says that the devil is like a roaring lion, always roaming around, searching for someone to devour. In Job, God asks him where he was, and he says; "Going to and fro". God stands still, but the devil keeps roaming. This tells you that God is the same, yesterday, today and always, but the devil is a master of disguise, always changing his face.

Satan hates those who carry God's name (Jews) and those who carry God's Spirit (spirit-filled believers) and he will never end his quest to murder God (attempted deicide). The pogrom never ends. The next holocaust will not happen in Germany- Satan has already moved to a new location. He is already setting up camp elsewhere so he can, once again, attempt to kill his enemies. But the devil cannot win because sin is weakness. Strength can only be found in God, who is sinless. 

The question, then, is why an apparently intelligent being, Lucifer, who was created as a powerful angel, would imagine that he could wage war against God, who is infinite, omnipotent and omniscient. The answer lies in the fact that God, after making the angels, concealed some of His power. He loves unconditionally, and wants to be loved unconditionally. He does not want His creations to love Him out of fear. 

Lucifer believed that God's power was limited, so in his pride, he sought to raise himself up to be worshipped. The scriptures tell us that one third of the angels joined him and were cast down, forever separated from the light and love of God. 

In these times, it appears that darkness and evil have the upper hand. Evil dictatorships rob citizens of their rights. Poor farmers are oppressed by corporations or international organizations. The middle classes and the poor lose their land, their jobs and their livelihoods and the greedy are rewarded. We see wars everywhere, as well as natural catastrophes, like earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. Is God really in control?

Some would say that God is in control, and that he is behind these catastrophes. They say he is judging humanity. But who would want to worship a God who would kill little children, or even entire families? We can acknowledge that all men are sinners, but how can we justify the suffering around us?

Others say that God is not in control. They believe that God created everything, but gave it to us, to do as we please. This idea that God just created the universe, then sat back and let everything happen is referred to as "Deism". Many of the founding fathers were deists, including Jefferson and Franklin. They believed that the universe functions like a grand machine, and that God seldom intervenes in human affairs.

However, the scriptures reveal that God has, indeed, intervened in a very dramatic and personal way. The heavenly computer programmer of the universe became a part of the "code" itself and entered into His creation. He did this for one purpose only- to save us, His creation, and to show us all a better way through His example- a way of peace, love, forgiveness and grace.

Meanwhile, He is, again, concealing His almighty power. Lucifer, now the adversary of God ("Satan" is Hebrew for "adversary") believes that he can win at war against God. He has summoned all of his power. He has produced a body of anti-God propaganda (including the lie that God does not exist!). He has unleashed his demons of war, hatred, racism, violence, perversion and corruption. He is gaining more and more power over the earth. I do not doubt that Lucifer himself is behind the catastrophes.

God warned us through His prophets that these times would come. God warned that He would withdraw His divine protection from those who continually rebelled from Him, and that in these times, He would stand back as Satan was let loose. God, in His omniscience, knows beforehand what will happen, and knows what choices we make. This does not absolve us of our free will choices! However, in His mercy, He chose that these times would be cut short.

One day soon, all things will be revealed- both good and evil. In the book of Genesis, we read the story of how Adam and Eve ate of the tree of "Knowledge of Good and Evil", setting into motion the things that would be. The spiritual meaning of this is that we, humanity, want to know what good and evil is, but to do so, we must suffer. We have chosen the path of suffering instead of the path of Paradise. The final conclusion draws near. Those who choose Yeshua will be freed from eternal suffering. Their suffering here on earth will end in joy.

Good and Evil are being revealed in our time. Soon, God will reveal Himself to humankind,  and put an end to suffering. He will reveal His power. Before that happens, we who live in times of darkness must hold on to our faith, knowing that it only takes a small candle to light up the darkness.

God has the power! Remember that God is light. The power of darkness is the power that a shadow has. Shadows can frighten small children, but adults know better. We are meant to grow in Christ, and put away childish things, so we can give up our childish fears and face the light, and know that the darkness cannot touch us.